Are you ready to captivate the media and make your tribe smile?

This is what you need to know first my friend...

Attracting visibility, getting media attention and creating your PR strategy is often scary, not to mention confusing.

The first thing you need to do is CAPTIVATE THE MEDIA by breaking through the clutter!  

You see, you've got media blind spots that are hiding your true genius and personality.

The good news is, you already created your beautiful body of work!!

All we need to do is capture your personality and highlight your genius in a way that captures the media's attention.  

I (and The Erin Network team) will help you create an unforgettable interview that will captivate the media and your true tribe's heart.  Then, I will personally give you a  fool proof media strategy so you can get the coverage your brilliance deserves!

Let's do this!




STEP 1: We'll Plan and Produce Your Primetime Interview...Nuts to Bolts

That Girl From Jersey, yep that's me!

I'll ask you all the right questions, we'll curate the right look and vibe and yes my friend, we'll make sure you breakthrough the clutter and captivate your tribe!

It's time you position yourself as an expert and get the attention you deserve. This World-Class Interview is Perfect for TV and Online Media!

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Want an Entire Comprehensive Media Plan and All The Shortcuts You Need To know About For Your New Launch?

Leverage Erin’s stellar reputation as a highly sought after PR genius, TV producer and media executive.

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