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Hi, I’m Erin!

Let's amplify your message so that your personality shines!  It's time to get the media attention you deserve.

Welcome to The Erin Network! Have you been agonizing over launching your product, book or service?  Are you finally finished and ready for the world to binge on your brilliance? 

Then tell your audience to buckle up and get ready because I have the perfect game plan for you to shine.

I’ve been taking products and people to the number one spot for almost 20 years. Ever heard of The View, Barbara Walters Specials, Rosie O’Donnell and Good Morning America?  That's my world!

I did it for them and now it’s your turn.  Let's do this!

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"My name is Stephanie Lee and I when I launched my very first book, I immediately knew the perfect person to interview me that would help me launch me into orbit! I had the honor of having the super smart, incredibly savvy, and charmingly hilarious, Erin Saxton interview me! Initially, I was nervous with it being my first book and interview, but within moments, I was at ease. I couldn't have had a better first interview experience than I had with Erin. She put me at ease with her charm and funny wit and asked questions that helped me not only share the book but go beyond the surface which I would have not done left to my own over-rehearsed monologue. I received so much positive feedback and excitement about the book, but the icing on the cake was the interview. People loved the dynamic and loved the fact that they were able to see me in a care-free and fun yet intelligent way that clearly came through because of the mastermind that is Erin Saxton. I would 100% recommend her for any interview as you begin on what is sure to be a burgeoning journey! "


"In my career, I'm all about results. Erin is one who gets results for her clients. She has a true talent for zeroing in on a brand and a message that resonates with the right audience."

Scot Ferrell

"Erin has been instrumental in helping me gain clarity of mission in my professional, personal and political lives. She draws the essence out of you and coaches you through grounding your efforts in your authentic self."

Jim Keady

"Erin has the gift of seeing the vision from the nuts and bolts of a business. Often, I will call her to get her recommendations about how to deal with a challenging situation. I suggest you speak with Erin, if you want to see your business in a new way and received the acclaim that it deserves."

Jennifer Urezzio

"Erin is a leader in her field, an exceptional talent and a beautiful person. If you need a professional you can count on to deliver amazing results every time, Erin is your girl."

Brian Sewell

"Erin is the best, simple sweet and complete. I have seen her do the impossible when it pertains to TV and media pickup. The Best, you did Barbara proud :)"

Chris Ryan

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