Who is Erin Saxton?  

Be forewarned, she is big on personality with just a touch of the trademarked Jersey swag added to keep meetings and planning sessions fun, and never dull. 

Hi, I’m Erin, that girl from Jersey and the founder of The Erin Network! After over 20 years in the industry as a multi Emmy-nominated and award-winning TV producer, PR Pro, and Keynote Speaker, I bring a wealth of expertise to the table. With a career that spans renowned shows such as The View, Barbara Walters Specials, and Good Morning America, I’ve been on the receiving end of countless pitches throughout the years! Leveraging this extensive experience, I carved out a niche in consulting and executing highly effective PR and Marketing campaigns for top-tier companies and entrepreneurs across the globe. It was during this phase of my career that I gained recognition for taking ideas and seamlessly merging them with the perfect plan and team, driving that “winning plan” forward. Back in the early 90s, I started by organizing the back tape/file room at the production company Barbara Walters owned, I was determined to work my way up the ladder.

One fateful day, as I opened a dusty box, I stumbled upon a book published in 1971 by Barbara Walters, titled “How To Talk With Practically Anyone About Practically Everything.” In an instant, I recognized that the wisdom within that book, combined with my mother’s daily advice - “It’s not what you say that’s important, but how you say it” - held the key to establishing connections during interviews. I assist my clients in forging powerful connections with their customers and the media through strategic marketing, public relations, and social media approaches.

Let’s Tawlk. (Just kidding - I don’t have the signature Jersey ‘not for nothing Tony Soprano’ accent). Irregardless (again I know that is not a real word, work with me here people), let’s connect!