Who is Erin Saxton?

A girl from New Jersey known for taking products and people to the number one spot with her creative genius as an Emmy nominated TV producer, PR genius and media executive!

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Erin is an Award-Winning TV Producer’s New Network Taps Into Her Talent To Cultivate Media Superstars By Asking Smart, Quirky Random Questions.

Her new project ~ The Erin Network ~ is the entire kit and caboodle. It’s the platform that houses the philosophy. That Girl from Jersey, delivers thought provoking, humorous and entertaining interviews of emerging authors ready to make their mark in the world. On Camera with Erin helps you position yourself as expert and gains the YOU the attention you deserve from Media, Clients, & the Press because the interview is perfect for TV and Online Media!

“Delivering that critical pre-interview and curated snapshot about an author is what unlocks access and exposure to the gatekeepers of the media” says Saxton.

Her miracle working skills didn’t come overnight. In the early 90’s, Erin started earning her dues by organizing the back tape/file room. As she opened one box, she saw a book published in 1971 by Barbara Walters - How To Talk With Practically Anyone About Practically Everything. 

She knew that the wisdom in that book and along with her mother’s daily advice – “It’s not what you say that’s important, but how you say it,” – were the key to connecting to anyone during an interview.

Today, Erin is a masterful media genius. She knows how to interview anyone about anything by getting her guests to laugh. But as a PR mastermind, she understands the art of simplification. Her ability to capture the juicy soundbite to get a core message to resonate with any audience and drive action is her trademark specialty.

This expectation, perfected over thousands of interviews, thousands of hours and countless retakes gives her the ability to take products and people to the number one spot in media unlike anybody else.

Some call it a gift. Others say its her calling. For the last 15 years, she’s successfully used these skills to achieve accolades with some of the nation’s best celebrities, authors and experts while being one of the most sought after PR experts in the world.

Her latest venture, The Erin Network isn’t an experiment, it’s an epic introduction of Erin’s gift to the rest of the world. If you’re lucky, you, too, will get a chance to experience her masterful media touch. For now,  she’s putting her rich PR experience and media savvy skills behind her latest venture of helping writers catapult their careers to the next level.


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Learn more about Erin’s stellar reputation as a highly sought after PR genius, TV producer and media executive

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That Girl From Jersey

The weekly video podcast featuring Erin’s fun discussions of hot topics, current events and more including guest interviews with influencers around the globe.

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Need an on-camera interview for your marketing needs? Harness the power of Erin’s marketing and PR genius to dramatically catapult your project to the number one spot in the marketplace.

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